Frogatto & Friends

Frogatto sprite

Frogatto & Friends is an action-adventure platformer game, starring a certain quixotic frog.
We're an open-source community project, and welcome contributions!
We also have a very flexible editor and engine you can use to make your own creations.


July 28th, 2010 by Jetrel

(Review scores, if present, are listed after the links.)

TouchArcade – “… Frogatto is totally worth checking out. I’ve been completely captivated by both the art of the game, and the game world itself; so much so that while playing through the other games that have been released tonight to write about I kept wanting to go back to Frogatto & Friends. …”

Gekikara Review [91%] – 「SFC黄金時代を思わせる、非常に書き込まれたドット絵はまさに圧巻。」…「音楽は、レトロながらも新しさを打ち出していっている。とてもフリーゲームだとはとても思えないレベル。」…「操作性の良さはフリーゲームとしてトップクラス。」

Rough translation: “The pixel art reminds one of the SNES golden age, and is a highlight…The music is retro yet brings newness. A level of quality that’s unthinkable for a free game…The controls are top class for a free game.”

SlideToPlay [3/4] – “… Frogatto is a wholly enjoyable retro platformer. It has plenty of level variety and gameplay elements, plus awesome character upgrades and unlockable power-ups. …”

SumItUpApps – “…I bet you that for years there won’t be another platformer on the iPhone and iPod Touch industry that will earn a name better than Frogatto. The game has a phenomenal plot, cute character, great storyline, and most of all stunning artwork. It is without doubt one of the best platformers on the app store.”

Linux Game Tome [5/5] – “One of the best games I’ve ever played on Linux!” “Old school platformer gaming at its best. Kudos!” – “Una piccola perla indipendente pronta per essere scaricata sui vostri PC. Frogatto and Friends è un platform davvero speciale che si ispira ai migliori videogiochi che giravano sui computer e sulle console a 16 bit ma che nello stesso tempo riesce ad essere meravigliosamente originale e divertente.”

Rough translation: “A little indie gem waiting to be downloaded to your PC. Frogatto and Friends is a very special platformer based on the best games from computers and 16-bit consoles, but at the same time manages to be wonderfully original and fun.”

Touchaholics [4/5] – “Bottom line is that Frogratto is one of the best platformers in the AppStore, cleverly designed will have you hooked for as long as it lasts.”

AppChat [4/4] – “Frogatto is an awesome PC/Mac game that has now arrived for the iphone and ipod touch! It has brilliant pixel art and frogatto, the main character, has similar abilities to kirby! Awesome game! Totally worth the rather high price tag!”

JayIsGames [4.5/5] – “Frogatto & Friends is a beautiful platform adventure that calls forth nostalgia with a healthy smattering of modern gaming sensibilities.”

148apps [4/5] – “Frogatto is an old-school platformer starring a charismatic frog and lots of running and jumping. Though the control scheme isn’t perfect, the game itself oozes classic charm and presents a surprisingly satisfying platforming experience.”

TouchReviews [4/5] – “Overall Frogatto is a well built retro platform game that offers plenty of challenges, entertainment and humor making it well worth a look if you like this type of game.”

Computer+Adventure [92%] – “Frogatto and Friends is an exceedingly fun game full of 2D platforming goodness, it has well designed levels and a playful story that will keep you involved with the character. It’s a game that will get it’s hooks in to you, leaving addicted until you manage to get right to the very end! Highly Recommended.”