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Legend of Iya Kickstarter in final stage – needs your help!

August 11th, 2013 by Jetrel

(Update: Kickstarter successfully funded.)

They’re down to just $4,500 out of $75,000, with 8 hours to go.
You can make this happen.

Legend of Iya is the personal magnum-opus (a metroidvania platformer with really, really hi-fi pixel art and animations) being cooked up by darkfalzx. Darkfalzx is a veteran of the fairly small commercial pixel-art industry, with several games under his belt from places like WayForward (an important thing I point out because it’s a healthy sign that he’ll be able to bring this to completion if funded).

Really, you should fund this, because this is one of less than maybe 5-10 “hi-fidelity” pixel art indie-projects being made out there, right now. These are rare, rare birds; there are plenty of crappy indie projects that try to cash in on the retro craze by making blocky, lo-fi art that’s basically stylized “programmer art”; stylized to try to hide the fact that the parties involved want to scrape by with the minimum effort possible, and refuse to learn to draw. There are few-to-no projects out there which try to emulate – or surpass the very best pixel art which graced the end of the 16-bit era. Really – think about all those cheap “retro indie platformers” – isn’t it a shame that none of them are in the same ballpark as titles like Metal Slug, King of Fighters, or the later Castlevanias? Weren’t games like that awesome?

Well – this is one of them. This is trying to hit that level of quality. If this doesn’t get funded, there won’t be another project like it that will pop up later. These are that rare.

I mean, seriously – look at this:

Go fund this.