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Frogatto & Friends is an action-adventure game, starring a certain quixotic frog. Give it a try!
We're trying to push 2D platforming, pixel-art, and music into uncharted territory. We hope you like the results!
Also, Frogatto has a very flexible game engine you can use to make your own creations.

Frogatto comes to the Humble Store

May 15th, 2013 by Sirp

Frogatto is now available for sale for PC and Mac on the Humble Store! Go and get it here!

If you’re curious about what Frogatto is all about before purchasing, check out our trailer:

(Edit: Since a few people have been confused by this, it’s worth noting that the “Humble Indie Store” isn’t a storefront site like Amazon or Steam which you can go to and look at a whole selection of games in (despite the fact that the HIB is kinda close to being able to do this for their periodic bundles). It may become that at some point, but for now, it’s just a widget on individual game-developer’s sites which you can use to buy the game. So if you go looking for a “Humble Indie Store” to buy the game in, you won’t find one yet; instead, you’d need to go to our downloads page to get it from there.)


26 responses to “Frogatto comes to the Humble Store”

  1. Willi says:

    Does that mean this is pretty much the final version of Frogatto?

  2. ficoos says:

    How is this version different from the version I just download from the site?

  3. Sirp says:

    @Willi: This is not the final version of Frogatto. We will continue to update and improve it, and if you purchase it you will gain access to all future updates!

    @ficoos: We’ve allowed free downloads of versions of Frogatto up until now because we wanted to share it with the world and let people try it while we were working on it, however we didn’t feel it was ready for sale. Now we feel it has reached a stage of maturity which makes us proud to put it on sale. Purchasing it will give access to the latest version now, as well as all future versions we release.

  4. StrikerXL says:

    Like I promised as soon it’s on the humble store I’m buying it! So I did… and it’s awesome! So much detail, what can I say? I’m just amazed.

  5. Hmm… So maybe NOW you could put it on Desura (and Steam)? There is no worse thing than having to manually download new versions of a game.

  6. marcavis says:

    @Cyber Killer: Yes, now we will be able to do that. Going to make a demo build soon since they need that, as well.
    By the way, were you the first to suggest that we put Frogatto on Desura? You may have been!

  7. I believe I said that 2 or 3 times in the comments under news about a new version. Never got any answer though… until now ;-).

  8. marcavis says:

    Aha! You see, we are actually ents in disguise. We were just discussing that, this whole time.

  9. kevin says:

    ouya version?

  10. Coaldust says:

    I’m curious what, exactly, this means for the open source components.

    I know the engine will remain available as open source. However, if Frogatto’s data files are removed, it may become quite difficult to learn how to use it. So far this has been the ‘example’ game.

    If Frogatto (except for the engine) is going to become closed source, does this mean some simpler games will be made available as examples for people trying to understand how to use the engine?

    If we buy Frogatto, will we have ‘editable’ (human readable, not just ‘processed’) versions of the files to tinker with, or has Frogatto become entirely hands-off?

    I’m also curious if, or how, you plan to change the new closed source version in the future. What sort of new content will those of us that purchase it see?

    However it goes, thanks for making Frogatto freely available until now, and thanks for deciding to keep the (quite interesting) engine’s source available for free.

  11. Jetrel says:

    Commercial != Closed-source. 🙂 Frogatto’s still on github, and is going to continue to be improved there, accessible to everyone. Nothing has changed.

    We’ve been a traditionally indie group who has been intending to be for-pay since the beginning (and has been for-pay since 1.0 on some platforms – windows got delayed for a long time because we didn’t have a decent windows packager on the team until 1.3), but we also love open-source, and we’ve always tried to make the open-sourcing of what we’ve created, work out. For one thing, we didn’t want to withhold the game from some platforms when the code was completely playable on them, just because we didn’t have a payment system set up.

    What we’re trying to do is spearhead a movement towards “commercial open source”. We are free as in speech, but we’re not free as in beer. We have (IMHO) an enlightened stance towards piracy in that we do absolutely nothing to prevent it, short of the power of defaults, but you should consider “getting the game without somehow supporting the team” to be stealing. So go ahead and freely build a copy of the game, but you’re obligated to either pay us, or do something else of significance to support us (making add-ons would be awesome).

    We’re trying to do this because we think this model would be enormously good for the industry at large; it would be awesome if all the software out there which has to be commercial (to fund the programmers working on it), could also be open-source. So here it’s pretty directly in your hands – No one likes DRM, but we need your help to fight for an alternative. We need your help to make this work!

  12. Coaldust says:

    @Jetrel I see. That’s rather reassuring. Thank you for answering.

    This attitude also makes me more willing to buy the game. Nobody likes the typical hostile-to-the-customer attitude most software companies have.

    I do wish it was available on Steam, since most of my commercial games are there, and that makes it easy to keep everything up to date.

    If more people had the attitude that you do, we’d have less games that struggle to run on modern systems, because either the company doesn’t care, or it went out of business long ago. Players that are programmers could just patch the code to keep it working. For an example of games where it would help a lot, the Thief series, which takes a awful lot of jury rigging to make work on modern OS’s and displays.

  13. Jetrel says:

    Thanks! We’re trying to do this not just for ourselves, but to help prove to other indie groups that really need income that it’s “safe” to go open-source. Your support there is really awesome.

    Btw, what you just said in that last paragraph – I can’t agree with that more. 😀 That is exactly one of the key reasons why we’re open-source.

    (Regarding steam; we’re hoping to get into steam greenlight down the road. Hoping.)

  14. Coaldust says:

    If we purchase the game now, would we be able to get a Steam key for it in the future?

  15. Sirp says:

    Coaldust — if we make it onto Steam we’ll give Steam keys to anyone who has bought the game through the Humble store!

  16. Gzegzolka says:

    Just buy it 🙂 Awesome game that’s worth to buy. I also play old version. I hope that making this game purchasable will help You in development of new content and updating 🙂

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  19. Wow, are these bots above chatting with each other? Next level AI!

    We reviewed Frogatto many moons ago over on RGCD, and I am glad you have reached the stage where is is actually a retail product. I do feel that this game would be popular (and ethically suited) on Ouya – it would be fantastic if a port was possible.

  20. marcavis says:

    One of them quoted Confucius? Gee I’m impressed!
    Yes, an Ouya port would be great to have; we’re currently having some performance issues with our mobile versions; realizing new porting possibilities will be much easier after that.

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