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Support the Musician!

May 9th, 2013 by Jetrel


Ryan, our music guy, is also working on another project right now, called Seyken: Crystal Kingdom. I’m going to do a post about this project sometime soon, because it’s awesome, but I’d rather not rush it and fail to do it justice.

One thing Ryan’s struggled with for the past few years is a lack of decent orchestral sound libraries to work with – he did amazing stuff, IMO, with the tools he had, but he always complained about the limitations of what he was working with (in terms of expressiveness and flexibility), and a substantial part of “doing good work with lousy tools” came from carefully avoiding the weaker instruments in the libraries he had. Which is fine some of the time, but sometimes you really want to do an epic string section, and without the right tools, you can write the best sheet music for it, but crummy midi-sounding samples just won’t do it justice. Buying better ones is tough when you’re on a shoestring budget.

So with the support of this new project, he’s doing a fundraiser to get some better orchestra samples. If you like frogatto’s music – please support him in doing this, by donating to this fundraiser!


2 responses to “Support the Musician!”

  1. Ryguy says:

    lol. I do enjoy complaining so. 😀 Thanks for the love Rich! I am having a heckuva great time with our friends over at Crystal Kingdom. I spent a great deal of time and energy modeling my orchestral sounds from eastwest platinum. When my g5 crapped out and I realized my Eastwest didn’t run on my new intel, I cried… or at least I wanted to. A lot of effort went down the drain. I didn’t buy an orchestral sampler until I was sure what I was getting for this very reason… and b/c well the life of a composer leaves one longing for the finger things. I am excited and grateful to everyone who helps us reach our goal and at the prospect of having some awesome orchestral samples to make some of my tunes more enjoyable to listeners. It will make all the difference in my projects as well. Good times

  2. gta 5 glitch

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