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Frogatto & Friends is an action-adventure platformer game, starring a certain quixotic frog.
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Frogatto 1.3 Release Candidates

November 10th, 2012 by Jetrel

We’re almost done with 1.3 at this point, and we’ve got a mac build and a windows build ready for final testing (linux users will need to compile from source). If you’re interested in testing, please download these and post about any bugs on our forum! We don’t have the mobile versions of 1.3 done yet (we’re fixing some last few bugs that are mobile-only).

We have screenshots up for 1.3 if you’d like a peek at what’s to come. There are also several great new songs in 1.3; this is the new centerpiece for seaside (seriously, I ****ing love this song), this one kicks off the forest area, and this is the new theme for frogatto himself.

In this release candidate, we’ve included all translations, even those which are currently mostly-unfinished; we’re going to ship the final version of 1.3 without the unfinished ones. If you’d like to help out with translations, you can read a guide on helping out, and can chip in on our transifex page, which lets you look at a side-by-side listing of the original english lines, and blanks you can fill in with a translation to your language.

Thanks in advance for all your support, guys!


10 responses to “Frogatto 1.3 Release Candidates”

  1. Matthias says:

    The app crashes after I press the “play” button after going trough the right door of the intro screen. I’ve got a macbook from 2008 or so and mac osx 10.6.9.
    Could the crash-report help you?

  2. Jetrel says:

    By all means – that sounds like a serious bug. The crash report would help.

  3. Matthias says:

    After starting a new game, everything worked fine. Probably the save from 1.1.1 couldn’t be loaded with 1.3. The loading menu showed an empty screen (i didn’t know yet, that it is now possible to choose from several saves) and i just pressed on play. Maybe this caused the error. However, since i’ve created a new save, i can’t reproduce the error and also the error-report. Sorry! I hope the new information can help you anyway.

  4. Evropi says:

    2 things:
    – is the Greek alphabet font ready? I can’t complete the translation on such a very short notice… but I can for Frogatto 1.4!

    – Can we pleaseee have an achievement and highscore (for the arcade games) viewer? Or something like that 🙂

  5. Jetrel says:

    No worries – we won’t be having many text-changes between this and 1.4, so there should be a good deal of time to catch up. 1.4 ought to come considerably sooner than 1.3.

    I don’t think the greek font is ready yet, since I’d expect to be called in for fire support on rendering characters, but marcavis would know more than me.

  6. marcavis says:

    Ahh, nope. Sorry!
    I’ve anticipated that 1.3 would be too soon for the greek translation, and didn’t work too hard on the font sheet. Gotta do that now that we’re about to get into the 1.4 release cycle.

  7. GzegzolkaDA says:

    Wow, I like what You have done 🙂

    I have noticed that game is more stable than last version, it took me two days to finish it and I do not have any surprise quits to windows errors during gameplay.

    I have noticed that when game window is reduced to windows bar it do not restore proper displayed graphic. Sound plays, but I have graphic glitch that shows in game windows what I have on my desktop.

    At first I wasn’t sure about giving Frogatto those shooting ability, but more I play more I discover they are well balanced, for most parts of game I stick to basic tongue attack.

    Graphic changes are very nice, now there is less dark-black areas on levels. Castle look great with all those different parts and themes. Background music in cat factory is too short, it should be somehow looped at end, so there won’t be that pause moment when I hear no music.

    There is also some graphic glitch with darkness in levels, sometimes I see only Frogatto’s purple circle of light and next I see bar that refresh screen uncovering darkness.

    Power up items cost at shop could be raised by 50%, after carefully exploring first levels I have money to buy all except one item (450 for mana upgrade). I wish to back to shop more often to check is there new stuff or carefully check what I might need to my gamplay style.

    Those “meanwhile” cut-scenes are also good, I only wish that final Boss do not sound soo good and nice, he should sound more like a warrior or lord of his land, rather than educating his cat army to be polite – it spoils ending too early. I like fact he was angry when he noticed that airborne was doing something without telling him and scene when he said to sword welding cat that his actions will have consequences.

    Indoors areas like shop and houses could have different wall colors some walls could be old and dirty, now every house use same title-set. Some variation in assets could be nice.

    Music is awesome 🙂 and sound effects are nice too, on that field I have nothing to report 🙂
    I have noticed few new enemy types that act in different ways – that’s cool.

    I wish that there were some moments in game in which main hero would need help (or advices) from his friends, like optional task to do or to remove obstacles (or finding new way).

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  9. A.S. says:

    Won’t you include more languages for translation?

  10. marcavis says:

    In this page, you can see the current status of our translations:
    Thus, the official 1.3 (or maybe it’ll be 1.3.1) release will have, besides the English original, Spanish, Italian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, French and Scottish Gaelic. Chinese may still get in, but if it doesn’t, we’ll definitely do a 1.3.2 that includes it.