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Translator Quest

September 30th, 2012 by marcavis

So, over the past few weeks, we’ve been edging closer and closer to releasing a new Frogatto version.

There have been plenty of changes since the latest version – some under the hood, but also we’ve been improving the content on several fronts – better balancing, new enemies, new songs, and much more.

So, as Frogatto 1.3 is better than ever (but not as good as 1.4 will be, later on), we’d love to make the game accessible to as many people as possible. There’s only so far we can do that by ourselves, though – translations are key to let us reach a wider audience. Can you help us with that?

If you have a solid grasp of a language to which you’d like to translate Frogatto, check out our page at Transifex, which is where our translations are managed:

There are also some guidelines to the translation process in this forum post, so check it out, too.


6 responses to “Translator Quest”

  1. You could reach more people if you’d put the game on Desura. It’s hard to find Frogatto in GNU/Linux repositories so Desura would be a good distribution method to easily get the latest version.

  2. Ryan says:

    I can’t help with translation but I am so looking forward to this next update. Can you please extend the storyline a bit too?

    Also some advice for mobile version, you should make it free and charge for the powerups in the shop. It will take off!

  3. Hi all! I like your game. It is very nice, but it has not a Russian translation. I’d like to tranlate your game 😉
    I’m the beginner tranlator and can’t speak English good. But I can translate Frogatto from English to Russian.

  4. marcavis says:

    CyberKiller, yeah, while improving the game itself has been our main goal thus far, it’d do us good to show up in Desura. There are some things to do before that, though, namely this 1.3 release and packaging a demo version. (Which is something we should do anyway)

    Ryan, right now we are refining and expanding the plot. It won’t actually cover more events yet in 1.3, but the current content will have more depth, with the inclusion of a few cutscenes.
    As for your IAP idea, it’s a pretty good one in general, but the game balance in Frogatto isn’t well suited to charging for power ups, and it’s doubtful whether we’d be able to really fix that.

  5. Ryguy says:

    Please don’t charge money for power ups. As a general rule of thumb If it doesn’t work for Double Dragon then it definitely will not work for frogatto. 😛 LOL

  6. Jetrel says:

    @Ryguy: yeah, that would suck. Not a chance that’s gonna happen.