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Translators Wanted!

July 26th, 2011 by marcavis

One of the highlights of our latest release, Frogatto 1.1.1, was increasing the number of translations to five. Which is very nice, as we really like our game to be playable by as many people as possible!
Right now we have the following languages available:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese

Frogatto's french translation example image

But we are still missing yours! (Possibly)
So, if you have some good knowledge of your language, and feel like helping (we know you do), register on, and either request to join the translation team of your language, or to create one if it doesn’t exist already. Frogatto’s page is here:

There’s also some further instructions on how to do the translation work in this forum post, so be sure to check it out!


28 responses to “Translators Wanted!”

  1. Gabor G. says:

    Hello Frogatto Team!

    I’ve initiated the Hungarian translation for Frogatto on Transifex and I’ve found that there are two letters of the Hungarian language that aren’t yet in the fontlibrary – these are ‘ő’ and ‘ű’ (other special characters being á, é, í, ó, ú – these are displayed correctly).
    So how do we go about adding new letters to the font?

    Fantastic game you’ve brought together btw, keep up the creativity! 🙂


  2. marcavis says:

    Ah, yes, I’ve had some computer problems lately, but later tonight I’ll get to including those characters. Thanks for your work on the translation!

  3. marcavis says:

    Whoops, the day ended and I didn’t do it yet! No worries though, it’ll be done. Soon 🙂

  4. Gabor G. says:

    Don’t fret it – I also had a pretty long day which ended at 2am. 🙂 Regardless I’m almost done with the translation and I’ll do a thorough playtest to check if everything is within-the-box and in context anyway, but take your time.

  5. Lebo says:

    German translation is awful. Many grammatical errors, a lot of decimal point faults and it sounds like an 1:1 translation from the google translator. No feeling for the german language and and no skill to telling a compelling story. I hope you can find a better german translator.

    Good luck.

  6. marcavis says:

    Decimal point faults, what do you mean there?
    Anyway the translation is not yet complete or reviewed, so do give it some time. 🙂

  7. radifar says:

    I’m done with the Indonesian language, can’t wait to see Frogatto in Indonesian 😀

    Hopefully this game will get pretty popular (soon) in my country 🙂

  8. marcavis says:

    @Gabor G.
    I’ve added those two characters to the fonts in trunk. Finally 😉

    @Gabor G. and radifar:
    You can get this file
    and extract it into the frogatto’s main folder; to run the translation on Windows (if you’re running it, that is), try adding a LANG=hu_HU (or LANG=id) to the start of the command that the frogatto shortcut launches… I think so, at least, I’m not using Windows here.
    On other platforms it should be automatic, though.

  9. radifar says:

    I’m using windows here, I’ve copied that file and extract it into frogatto’s main folder. And I try adding the LANG=id to the shortcut but it doesn’t work. 🙁

  10. radifar says:

    … or to be more exact it won’t open. Then I try open Frogatto using command prompt and add the LANG=id and it still won’t open.

  11. marcavis says:

    Wait… if you try to run the game normally, you get the english version, or does it fail to run as well?

  12. radifar says:


    at first I try to open it the normal way (double click on frogatto.exe) and it open as usual (but still the english version). Then I try to change my regional settings to Indonesia (my default is English) and it works! Now I can try Frogatto in Indonesian to make sure my translation is correct 😀

    To be honest, though I like the automatic language selection (which make easier for some people), I would prefer the manual selection since my regional settings preference is english. And I think not every Indonesian people set their regional settings in english (not just for Windows but also for Linux).

  13. radifar says:

    Okay, things getting better now. I found that some of my translation is sort of inappropriate, I wouldn’t realize that until I test my translation in the game.

    So now other things come into my mind. First I think it would be great if any translator can generate their own file (maybe by having the tool to convert the *.po file from transifex to *.mo file), unless if you willing to release the new *.mo file from transifex every week or by request :D. Second, I think it would be great if translator can move to any level they want, so they don’t have to play the entire game. Or at least have multiple save file.

    Just some of my random thought 🙂

  14. marcavis says:

    For generating the mo files, you can easily just ask me; I’ll be glad to provide an updated version. If you really want to make them yourself, though, you’d have to install and use the msgfmt tool on the id.po file, like this:
    msgfmt po/id.po -o locale/id/LC_MESSAGES/
    on the main folder of Frogatto – well, at least I think so, I don’t actually have a Windows partition to test now xD

    As for the second question, you’ll be glad to hear that you can, when running frogatto from the command line, select the level, as such:
    Frogatto.exe –level rock-a-fort.cfg

    The level files are in data/level, but you just have to provide the filename (i.e., not the whole path)

  15. radifar says:

    Thanks a lot Marcavis, I really appreciate that. But I can’t help for being curious on how to convert *.po file to *.mo :D. I’ve tried the msgfmt tool and it was succeed. And the command that you’ve shown to me is correct (works in windows too) anyway :D.

    Ya, yesterday I was browsing the “developer info” and just realize that I could edit any level in Frogatto. And I found that I can open any level via File>open then press escape, and voila, I’m in that level already :D. I think that way is more practical than having to close then open it again using the command prompt. But the caveat is, (of course) our HP is just 2 which mean, when we wanna see the dialog after we defeated some boss, we have to defeat that boss with only 2 HP xD

  16. marcavis says:

    Heh, you can cheat, though – press Ctrl+D, that opens the debug console; there, type
    and then Enter – you get 5 hearts

  17. radifar says:

    I just reread my previous comments, this part is wrong :
    “And I think not every Indonesian people set their regional settings in english (not just for Windows but also for Linux).”
    what I mean is :
    “And I think not every Indonesian people set their regional settings to Indonesia (not just for Windows but also for Linux).”

    Which mean that not everybody here will get the Frogatto in Indonesian automatically, and I don’t feel like they know about the automatic language selection feature. I just hope that there are two option for language, so that any user can pick between automatic language detection and manual language selection (with automatic language detection as default of course).

  18. radifar says:

    lol, I see, thanks Marcavis!

  19. marcavis says:

    Yeah, we’ll have to work on manual language selection later, as you say it really turns out that automatic selection doesn’t cover every use case.

  20. radifar says:

    Great, I’m looking forward to it!

  21. radifar says:

    I think I found a small bug when I’m testing my translation in Frogatto. I found that when I’m saving my progress in “Killer Bunnies” level the “The game has been saved.” dialogue is yet untranslated.

    I’m using Frogatto 1.1.1 under Windows here.

  22. radifar says:

    whoops, not just in Killer Bunnies but until Frogatto see Milgram.

  23. marcavis says:

    That was fixed a couple of days after the 1.1.1 release 🙂
    Thanks for the report, though!

  24. radifar says:

    -_- … *sigh* okay … nobody ever told me that before …

    Btw, how should I know if the bug that I found has already found by some other guy before (or even has already fixed)?

    I just checked the bug reporting site at and I didn’t find anything about this translation bug. And I can’t find any in the update list too. Does that mean not every bug shown up in the update list?

  25. marcavis says:

    Oops, sorry!
    Well, a high proportion of bugs are fixed right away as we notice or report them in IRC. We only really use the github tracker for more complex issues, those dealing with engine bugs, etc.
    So, join us on IRC! Get a IRC client if you don’t have one installed, then you can find us at the room #frogatto on the server.

  26. DDR says:

    We switched to GitHub, radifar, so you can find all 13 issues at . 🙂 (Hm, we should put out another release soon.)

  27. radifar says:

    @Marcavis: It’s okay Marcavis, I know you guys have spent lots of time working on this, on the other hand this (awesome) project is still young so there are still many many things to improve.

    Gosh… I can’t believe that after these 8 years I didn’t use IRC I have to use it again. Back then we’re using IRC just to meet some random stranger on the internet who happen to be living in the same city LOL.

    @DDR: Okay, thanks for the information!

  28. Gabor G. says:

    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the late reply – had a longer-than-expected holiday. Thanks for adding the mixing letters to the lot – I’ve uploaded the state in which I had the translation a few weeks ago.

    I’m running Frogatto under Ubuntu and W7 – since translating it haven’t tried in Ubuntu, but under W7 (regardless of the current environment locale) ever since there’s a Hungarian folder it always starts in Hungarian.

    Cheers again for the fast reply on your behalf. Take care.