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Frogatto & Friends is an action-adventure game, starring a certain quixotic frog. Give it a try!
We're trying to push 2D platforming, pixel-art, and music into uncharted territory. We hope you like the results!
Also, Frogatto has a very flexible game engine you can use to make your own creations.

Graphics News #15

February 8th, 2011 by Jetrel

We’ve redone how shadows work, so that shadows blend an even amount in all directions.

Also, for interest’s sake, here’s an image of what it looks like when our shadows are blending with just gray, instead of blending with that purple tone. It’s considerably more lifeless; grey would seem like the “safe” choice, but in nature, the color-components of lighting on a shadowed area are often different (for example, the lighted side of an exterior setting is often lit with yellowish light, and the dark side with blue+green light). Purple just looks better in this situation.


4 responses to “Graphics News #15”

  1. nigmashumma says:

    Nice 🙂
    How to download new shadows?

  2. zikzak says:

    Very nice ! This game keeps improving while it is already far beyond any other opensource platfrom game.

    By the way, could you compress the graphic files in the SVN trunk ?
    A simple use of advpng save 50% on the filesize.

  3. Not too long ago (r4225 in SVN) I ran the “wesnoth-optipng” script from BfW, which uses a combination of ImageMagick (to strip color profile information), optipng and advdef to shrink PNG files.

    I’m not sure about the differences between advdef and advpng, but the manual page for the latter says it won’t work on generic PNGs. I haven’t tried it myself.

  4. ZikZak says:

    A try in images/characters:
    advpng -z -4 *.png
    72026 31279 43% fat-frogatto-spritesheet1.png
    59678 26785 44% frogatto-spritesheet1.png
    24280 24096 99% frogatto-spritesheet2.png
    12862 12678 98% frogatto-spritesheet3.png
    3229 3052 94% frogatto-spritesheet4.png
    143 113 79% frogatto-tongue.png
    26846 18241 67% kinguin-spritesheet1.png
    2867 1830 63% minecart_large.png
    1384 590 42% minecart.png
    14186 8062 56% nene-spritesheet1.png
    28557 28373 99% pato-spritesheet1.png
    159 110 69% stand_in_selector.png
    246217 155209 63%

    I used advpng instead of optipng or pngcrush because the command line is really simple and the results are already there.
    Although it needs some checks if it corrupts or not your game.