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Graphics News #12

October 16th, 2010 by Jetrel

“This tileset will really come to life once we get some decorative overlays, like metal pipes, grates, and such, but those are still in the works.” – myself, a week ago.

Delivered. Also note the use of cosmetic lighting to make dark gloomy places actually dark and gloomy, and to make light sources feel much more visually important.


4 responses to “Graphics News #12”

  1. 392414 says:

    This IS amazing.

  2. Ikachan says:

    Just a question… but why did you make the decision to only have the lights fade out in the x? Did you try both x and y fading?

  3. Zerovirus says:

    The light source doesn’t feel too important- it’s kinda of a half-and-half thing right now, and because we can see into the darkness quite well the shadows aren’t really discouraging either. Perhaps shrink the light and increase the difference between the two, to create more dramatic focus?

    More Y-axis blending would be cool too.

  4. Ben says:

    Ikachan: I was curious of this myself, and apparently it would be harder to do it with y fading as well. This is surprising to me, but… Dave knows what he’s talking about!