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Frogatto & Friends is an action-adventure platformer game, starring a certain quixotic frog.
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Randomized Arcade Levels

August 14th, 2010 by Sirp

One thing we’re working on for Frogatto is “arcade style” levels. Arcade style levels will be never-ending levels that are randomly generated, and which have making a high score an objective. We’re hoping this will allow for a fun alternative way to play the game.

As part of this, I’ve added some nice support for making randomized levels to the Frogatto editor. The editor allows you to split levels into segments, just like this:

Segment Editor

The yellow segment in this screenshot is the currently selected segment, and then the red segments are all segments which can go directly after the selected segment. Then, Frogatto Formula Language commands are available which allow the level to order the segments randomly, making sure that one segment only follows another where appropriate.

Of course, in some cases we might need to augment this basic logic with a little more sophistication: making the game get harder as the player goes further, for instance. But this can always be done by adding FFL to the level.

Hopefully with this system in place we’ll be seeing some fun arcade style levels in future versions of Frogatto.


5 responses to “Randomized Arcade Levels”

  1. ZikZak says:

    Is Frogatto’s gameplay usefull for this idea ?
    I do not think the action is tremendous enough for a high-score type of gameplay.

    If it was a run’n’gun type of game then it would be a very nice idea, muliple ennemies coming from everywhere and a way to shoot at them.
    In this case it could apply to Frogatto if it was possible to spit without catching ennemies. Think ‘Metal Slug’ type.

  2. FrogFanBoy says:


    Perhaps a way to utilize Nene. I think I remember reading the Nene was intended to use a gun…. maybe I’m wrong(?)

  3. A flamethrower, yes.

    The last I heard of Nene is that she was horribly broken and needed to be updated to work with the game engine after a series of changes that were applied only to Frogatto. Same goes for Pato.

  4. Stimpson J. Cat says:

    And what about making “random segments” for normal levels to have some fixed parts filled with random places between them

    ps: great game btw

  5. DrYak says:

    Expanding the idea of “random places” between segments :

    Have you ever tried looking at the “Infinite Adaptive Mario” project by Ben Weber ?
    It does dynamically generate Mario Levels, but on an object level (instead of room-chaining style of segments). There’s Java source code provided for that one.