Frogatto & Friends

Frogatto sprite

Frogatto & Friends is an action-adventure game, starring a certain quixotic frog. Give it a try!
We're trying to push 2D platforming, pixel-art, and music into uncharted territory. We hope you like the results!
Also, Frogatto has a very flexible game engine you can use to make your own creations.

Graphics News #1

December 11th, 2009 by Jetrel

There’s a new, big setpiece for the world-1 environment:  frogatto’s house.  We’re working on a few others in the style to take care of the town and nene’s house.  We’ve also updated most of the world-1 levels to actually use the new tileset; it practically feels like a different videogame now (in a very good way).


There’s also the beginnings of a cave tileset being worked on.  This is the interactible foreground tileset (sans several necessary transitions); we still need a background tileset, and a scrolling parallax background in order to get something we can really make levels out of.


Last but not least, we’ve been working on redesigns of most of the monsters.  If you’ve played the latest builds, you’ll have seen the redo of the ants thus far, but here is a preview of a bunch of the other ones yet to come.  As you can see, there are several designs that have no analog in the current set;  I’m not going to spoil the surprise of what they’re like ingame. 😀

These are being animated and scripted as we speak; expect to see them trickle into the game, one by one.



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